A Revelation?

Been doing research for a possible book on creation versus science. Was very frustrated the other day, because of all the physics involved, and was thinking of giving it all up. For some reason, started thinking about the decade-old movie “Good Will Hunting” with Matt Damon and Ben Afleck, where Matt was a young Einstein. But, finally pushed it all out of my mind. That evening, after going out to dinner, I returned and happened to walk into the room where Janet had left the TV on and……… Good Will Hunting was just starting on the channel she left on the TV. After falling to knees, watched the entire movie. What are the chances that I would first even think of that old movie in a frustrating moment while reaching out to the Lord, and that it would then even be on any TV channel that very day, let alone just starting on the very channel Janet left the TV on, the very moment we got home from dinner? The book research is continuing. -Jack Dennis