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Song Stories: Still Standin’ & Glimpse Of Heaven

Still Standin’ and Glimpse of Heaven both emanated from my conscious efforts to get even closer to the Lord and to live each day in the context of the eternal versus “what I’m supposed to accomplish here.” It took a while, but I now realize that God doesn’t need me to accomplish anything. What He wants most is for me to worship Him and prepare myself for His kingdom. Of course, He wants me to do some of His work, but it’s more about me coming closer to Him than anything my work will yield. That’s why, as we walk His path, we invariably are moved and benefit more than anyone we are trying to enlighten or help. I have received great joy and hope as I’ve spent more of my time envisioning Heaven and seeking God’s presence there as opposed to here. I think we all could benefit from becoming more “Monk-ish” with part of our lives. It’s the next best thing to actually being given a glimpse of Heaven, where it’s easy to imagine how your entire perspective and how you would live your life would change. Just ask those that have genuinely experienced death and were allowed to return, even though they were only given a few snippets of the transitional afterlife.


Song Stories: Break My Heart

This is a song that is so relevant to living the Christian life!  As Christians we all need revival at times. Over and over our flesh tends toward selfishness and insensitivity.  Our hearts get hard, so to speak. We need the Lord, by His Spirit, to break up the the hard, fallow ground in our hearts. Why? So that we can be yielded and tender again toward Him and so that we can walk in love toward others. We can’t live the Christian life in our own strength! It must be Him in and through us by His Spirit. Break our hearts Oh Lord! Revive your work in us!

Song Stories: God’s Country

God’s Country was written as a poem on 7/4/10. I was sitting at my desk in the morning and thinking about our founding fathers and the subsequent trials and tribulations involved in the evolution and development of our nation. In the early years, life expectancies were in the low to mid forties, perhaps even lower at times, and life was very hard for most. The conveniences of today were non-existent and hope and meaning were derived from faith, family, and friends. I thought of the values and principles that embodied ideals and were the foundation of the freedom we still enjoy today. Of course, such reflection moved also to all of the brave and sacrificial men and women that gave or risked their lives to preserve that freedom in subsequent years. But, most of all, my thoughts moved to God’s grace that lay behind the creation of the greatest, free nation that has ever existed and how His role was so humbly acknowledged by our founders. And, finally, I thought of the tears that must be in His eyes as the powers to be are purposely erasing Him from our public and social agendas in the supposed interest of diversity, political correctness, and social justice. And, if the Old Testament is any indication, what will be the timing and extent of His wrath.


Song Stories: Colorado

I can remember a few places where I felt that there was a portal or some type of direct connection to Heaven, generating feelings of awe, humility, and spirituality. One was Mars Hill in Athens where Paul spoke to the Athenians. Another was at the headquarters of Campus Crusade for Christ in Orlando. Another was the Greek island of Santorini, where I experienced several revelations from the Lord. But, Colorado Springs was also one. Colorado Springs is known as a Christian stronghold and I clearly felt His presence and connection as we conducted some ministry meetings and enjoyed the splendor of Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak. I have only been to Colorado 3 or 4 times, but consistently felt that I was close to Heaven and certainly viewing some of the most magnificent examples of God’s creation. But, more than anything, I think His presence is stronger in the midst of such a concentration of the faithful. -Jack Dennis


Song Stories: Talk About Jesus

This song really excited me when I started getting it. Songs, the best ones, seem to me to just fall out of the sky. You usally get them quick and they really move you. I have a personal rule for songs-If it doesn’t really move me it probably won’t anyone else! Anyway, this song excited me as a unique way of saying that we are to be witnesses for the Lord.  Of His goodness and His mercy-Talk About Jesus!

A Revelation?

Been doing research for a possible book on creation versus science. Was very frustrated the other day, because of all the physics involved, and was thinking of giving it all up. For some reason, started thinking about the decade-old movie “Good Will Hunting” with Matt Damon and Ben Afleck, where Matt was a young Einstein. But, finally pushed it all out of my mind. That evening, after going out to dinner, I returned and happened to walk into the room where Janet had left the TV on and……… Good Will Hunting was just starting on the channel she left on the TV. After falling to knees, watched the entire movie. What are the chances that I would first even think of that old movie in a frustrating moment while reaching out to the Lord, and that it would then even be on any TV channel that very day, let alone just starting on the very channel Janet left the TV on, the very moment we got home from dinner? The book research is continuing. -Jack Dennis



Together forever was originally called Marty’s Song after our band member and my long time friend-Marty VanHook.
An excellent guitarist and singer and a brother in the Lord. Just a few weeks after we had finished our 1st project as Somerset
For Christ, Marty passed away suddenly in his sleep. My pastor, Darvie Fenison, called me and gave me the news that
Marty had gone to heaven. We were shocked! He was too young to be having a heart attack!
This song came out of that experience and is recorded in his memory. How wonderful it is that God loved us enough
to send Jesus to rescue us from our sin and save us! AND has prepared a place, a home, for us after our life here
is over. It’s my prayer, and Jack’s, and would be Marty’s, that if you haven’t received Jesus as your Lord and Savior-YOU WILL.
Don’t miss HEAVEN! Marty didn’t.

Larry Ford

John 3:16

Light Of The World rises!

Somerset for Christ’s second LP, “Light of the World” will make its debut on August 1, 2011, comprised of 11 new songs featuring Cammy DeBord’s heavenly vocals. All songs were written, composed and produced by Jack Dennis and Larry Ford. The fresh sound is accompanied by a fresh look: we’ve revamped the website to reflect the shining light that inspires the music, the brilliant light of Jesus and His love.

We’re on a mission to spread that light, and we hope our music can be a lamp to brighten your day. While our performances are for sale, we’re posting instrumental “tracks” for choirs and vocal groups, scores for musicians, and lyrics for singers. We want to share His gifts to us with His world, so we’re making those materials available for free, under the “Sheet Music and Tracks” link above.

We also wanted to make it easier for friends, fans and believers to contact and engage us, so we’ve added links to Facebook, and other contact resources. Our music can be shared/embedded easily from the players on our “Music” page – it’s freely streamed to the world.

We hope these new songs are inspiring and enlightening!