Song Stories: God’s Country

God’s Country was written as a poem on 7/4/10. I was sitting at my desk in the morning and thinking about our founding fathers and the subsequent trials and tribulations involved in the evolution and development of our nation. In the early years, life expectancies were in the low to mid forties, perhaps even lower at times, and life was very hard for most. The conveniences of today were non-existent and hope and meaning were derived from faith, family, and friends. I thought of the values and principles that embodied ideals and were the foundation of the freedom we still enjoy today. Of course, such reflection moved also to all of the brave and sacrificial men and women that gave or risked their lives to preserve that freedom in subsequent years. But, most of all, my thoughts moved to God’s grace that lay behind the creation of the greatest, free nation that has ever existed and how His role was so humbly acknowledged by our founders. And, finally, I thought of the tears that must be in His eyes as the powers to be are purposely erasing Him from our public and social agendas in the supposed interest of diversity, political correctness, and social justice. And, if the Old Testament is any indication, what will be the timing and extent of His wrath.