Song Stories: Colorado

I can remember a few places where I felt that there was a portal or some type of direct connection to Heaven, generating feelings of awe, humility, and spirituality. One was Mars Hill in Athens where Paul spoke to the Athenians. Another was at the headquarters of Campus Crusade for Christ in Orlando. Another was the Greek island of Santorini, where I experienced several revelations from the Lord. But, Colorado Springs was also one. Colorado Springs is known as a Christian stronghold and I clearly felt His presence and connection as we conducted some ministry meetings and enjoyed the splendor of Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak. I have only been to Colorado 3 or 4 times, but consistently felt that I was close to Heaven and certainly viewing some of the most magnificent examples of God’s creation. But, more than anything, I think His presence is stronger in the midst of such a concentration of the faithful. -Jack Dennis