Together forever was originally called Marty’s Song after our band member and my long time friend-Marty VanHook.
An excellent guitarist and singer and a brother in the Lord. Just a few weeks after we had finished our 1st project as Somerset
For Christ, Marty passed away suddenly in his sleep. My pastor, Darvie Fenison, called me and gave me the news that
Marty had gone to heaven. We were shocked! He was too young to be having a heart attack!
This song came out of that experience and is recorded in his memory. How wonderful it is that God loved us enough
to send Jesus to rescue us from our sin and save us! AND has prepared a place, a home, for us after our life here
is over. It’s my prayer, and Jack’s, and would be Marty’s, that if you haven’t received Jesus as your Lord and Savior-YOU WILL.
Don’t miss HEAVEN! Marty didn’t.

Larry Ford

John 3:16