Song Stories: Still Standin’ & Glimpse Of Heaven

Still Standin’ and Glimpse of Heaven both emanated from my conscious efforts to get even closer to the Lord and to live each day in the context of the eternal versus “what I’m supposed to accomplish here.” It took a while, but I now realize that God doesn’t need me to accomplish anything. What He wants most is for me to worship Him and prepare myself for His kingdom. Of course, He wants me to do some of His work, but it’s more about me coming closer to Him than anything my work will yield. That’s why, as we walk His path, we invariably are moved and benefit more than anyone we are trying to enlighten or help. I have received great joy and hope as I’ve spent more of my time envisioning Heaven and seeking God’s presence there as opposed to here. I think we all could benefit from becoming more “Monk-ish” with part of our lives. It’s the next best thing to actually being given a glimpse of Heaven, where it’s easy to imagine how your entire perspective and how you would live your life would change. Just ask those that have genuinely experienced death and were allowed to return, even though they were only given a few snippets of the transitional afterlife.