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Somerset for Christ is a new band; or, for a better term, a new Christian music –based ministry that was created in 2010. We are different in that we don’t tour. We can’t due to personal constraints and it’s not our calling. Our purpose is to spread the word of Christ through our music and related activities.

Our music is a combination of Christian country and pop and the overriding objective is a focus on the eternal. This is not our home and all of our trials and tribulations here become blessings as we reach out to and shift our focus to our true eternal home that awaits us in Heaven. So, our music is less about praise and more focused on the struggles of being human and on the hope that our Lord and Savior brings to carry us through to Him.

Our music strategy is primarily to get our music and messages therein heard on the radio and internet.  Even though we are new to the scene, we have some contacts and have gotten some play and done well so far from a charting standpoint. Our music is also played weekly on several stations that reach most of Kentucky and Tennessee and part of Virginia via band member Larry Ford’s radio program. We are also providing easy downloads of lead sheets and instrumental tracks for all of our songs to enable churches to perform them.

From a ministry standpoint, each of the band members is active in their local churches and other charitable and ministry activities in their communities and, in some cases, around the globe. In doing so, we have gained experience in several specific ministry areas, including parts of Africa, geographically, and, from a demographic standpoint, the isolation of many people with disabilities and the aged, among other things. Our hope is to leverage our website and music activities to enhance our efforts in these ministries.

We hope that you enjoy our music and would appreciate your prayers for our efforts to serve our Lord and Savior.

Somerset for Christ